Yuppiechef Love {Gift Registries}

Gifts are definitely one of my love languages. I seriously love anything wrapped! So opening our wedding presents was definitely one if the highlights of last year!

I believe many brides and grooms are wondering about gift registries and how they should go about it. For Iaan and myself, this was quite an interesting experience. We visited a few stores and set up registries at different shops to make it easier for our guests. Yuppiechef was one of the stores we found online and knowing that we love cooking, we decided that Yuppiechef was the perfect shop for us. Yuppiechef’s gift registry is a quick and easy way to make a wish list for any special occasion. The process is simple, and the service beyond amazing.

What I love about Yuppiechef is the fact that it’s so user friendly. It’s easy to navigate and the online shop has a wide collection of beautiful designer kitchen wear. To create a gift registry is really easy and thereafter your friends can access your wish list anywhere in the world and purchase gifts without leaving their home. As they shop, the sold items are indicated on the list, which eliminates the option of double purchases of the same gift.

The thing that impressed me the most about Yuppiechef, was the email that awaited us after we returned from honeymoon. It welcomed us back home and told us about the gifts that were purchased for us by our friends. It even told us what was purchased and by whom. The email also included a link to the gifts, so that we could have a look at the items before they send it to us. The idea behind this is, it was for us to have an opportunity to change some of the items if we had already received any of them from other stores.

After approval, only one day afterwards, we received a big box with everything – right at our door! And how sweet is the hand written note? Love it! We were sold. The Yuppiechef gift registry is a great service and we’d definitely recommend them to other couples.

The exciting news it that the Yuppiechef team has agreed to write a few blog posts for the Pretty Blog about gift registries and some advice for brides. This will be coming to the blog soon! So if you have any gift registry questions, let us know.

And just if you were wonder what’s on my wish list from Yuppiechef, here are my 10 most wanted items from Yuppiechef:

  1. Joseph Joseph oil & vinegar set
  2. Eva Solo herb/flower pot
  3. KitchenAid stand mixer
  4. Cuisipro balloon wisk
  5. Eva Solo hurricane lamp
  6. Fusionbrands Poach pods
  7. Typhoon Moderna Salt & Peper mills
  8. Nuance Aros Carafe
  9. Cuisipro Ice Cream Maker
  10. Bodem Pavina double wall glass set