Winter in Stellenbosch Is the Most Romantic Time of Year

An absolutely breathtaking winter wedding, with deep rich colours and fur shawls to match! This special day suited the couple’s simple and elegant style so perfectly, we loved the bridesmaids’ unique dresses and their unique floral “bouquets”. The fairy lights and plain decor were ideal for a wine farm wedding on a misty day – be sure to look out for the groom’s stylishly bold choice for his blazer.

Their Story

Our eyes met one night at a student dance bar in Stellenbosch – not long after I entered the venue, Jan was on his knee, asking me to have a dance with him. Who could have thought that this wouldn’t be the first time that Jan would get on his knees? All I can say is both of us still believe in love at first sight.

The proposal

About two weeks after we met, Jan and I shared our first kiss on a beautiful summer evening in a vineyard on a wine farm just outside Durbanville. By that time I was smitten and I knew that I’d never kiss another man again. Two and a half years later, Jan took me on a “day down memory lane” and we visited all of our special places from our two years of dating. I was not surprised that the last stop would be the vineyard where it all started. However, little did I know that my life would change forever when Jan went down on one knee for the second time. In the Lord’s fairytale for us, this was the beginning of a lifelong journey which we would walk together. 

Their Style

I have always dreamt of a romantic winter wedding, with rich winter colours and a cozy atmosphere on a wine farm in Stellenbosch. The moment we arrived at Nooitgedacht, we were instantly blown away by the beautiful scenery, and we knew it was the perfect venue to make our winter wedding dream come true.

What are your most memorable moments of your wedding day? 


When the music of Bethel surrounded the chapel and my bride strolled towards me.


The whole day exceeded my wildest dreams, though if I have to choose specific moments it would definitely be when my dad saw me for the first time. This was such a special moment for both of us and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. And, of course, the moment when my dad took my veil off and I saw my husband to be – I realised that I was finally living my dream!

The Dress

I had no preference with regards to the style of my wedding dress, though I was very adamant that my dress would not have lace  and, ironically, a lace wedding dress was the first one handed to me! At the end of the day, the assistant at Olivelli did an excellent job reading my personality (in less than 30 seconds) and recommended a dress, which was not only a beautiful lace dress, but turned out to be the wedding dress.

Tips for others planning a wedding? 

If planning a wedding is not your forte, and your budget allows it, I would not hesitate in recommending a wedding planner. From my own experience, it was worth every penny, ensuring a stress-free wedding journey!

The Budget

Be prepared to exceed your budget, but avoid spending on unnecessary items. Rather provide an excess for the items which are important to you. Wedding planners can also assist a lot in this regard, as they have many contacts and are able to negotiate fair prices.

Did you have any D.I.Y projects? 

The only DIY project which I included was a family tree of photos hanging on a wooden pallet. We really wanted to include our family members who watched the wedding from heaven.