Ricardo and Claudia’s Winelands Wedding

Today’s stunning wedding is also from one of our readers. Claudia sent us her wedding pictures even before we launched the blog! I won’t say much about this wedding, because Claudia describes it so beautifully and passionately. However, I will say that Claudia did a great job planning this gorgeous wedding, with 260 guests, without a planner.
All Ricardo and Claudia’s pictures, taken by the amazing Jean Pierre Uys, were breathtakingly beautiful, so it was really hard to select which ones to use. We could have done three posts on this wedding! Thank you Claudia for sharing your wedding with us.

Their Story

God’s greatest gift is love, and through love, our lives are formed. Our life together as husband and wife was formed on the 6th March 2010. It was exactly 6 years after Ricardo came into my life. I flourish on inspiration and passion, as this allows me to be creative and also helps me grow. When Ricardo entered my life, we became each other’s inspiration and passion. Learning from each other, understanding, loving and supporting each other. Best friends. We even started working together and over three years we opened two businesses together. We both enjoy being creative and both have a love for photography, design, art and décor. Having good morals and values in life are very important to me, and I feel very blessed to have Ricardo, who feels the same way that I do. Marrying my true love, my darling angel, someone who completes me in every way, is the most amazing feeling in the world! Now as we start on our journey as husband and wife, as we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change – we will always keep on falling in love with each other …
Our wedding day symbolised the day we stood before God and proclaimed our love and lives to each other.
The love, the laughter, the lives of two people becoming one. I looked around the room and saw the many faces of all those dear to us, they could see through us, they could see the power of love.
Every part of our wedding represented who we were as a couple; from the colour scheme, which was a combination of different shades of grey, charcoal, silver, white, and a hint of black with elements of pearls, crystals, bold stripes and damask pattern. Even our wedding theme, vintage glamour, illustrated our personal style and character. Nothing can ever replace the beautiful memories we now cherish so dearly!
The very essence of our love was portrayed in front of our 260 guests, a day filled with love, happiness, peace, and joy! So, from the proposal to the wedding and now happily ever after … Love never ends!

What was the most memorable part  of your wedding?

When my husband said his speech and read a poem he wrote for me: “Claudia, you are the music in my life, the melody in my head and the rhythm in my step. Let’s dance together till the end of time.”