Boho Bridal Inspiration in the Wild Wood

Beautiful boho inspiration for brides who want a natural, earthy feel on their special day. We loved the gorgeous wild wood setting and sophisticated simplicity of the whole setting. A way to incorporate some traditional elements, like a white dress and florals, but still keep an air of relaxed, informal fun. We asked the creatives to give us some insight into their inspiration for the day. 

The Inspiration

We wanted to showcase a bridal look that was bold, bohemian and rustic – an enigmatic and ethereal beauty, set against a woodland landscape. For the beauty, we combined a smokey eye and a nude lip, to draw attention to the bride’s deep brown eyes and long lashes.

Looking to push the boundaries on a traditional crown, we chose a headpiece created out of dried lotus pods, wheat grass, Eryngium, Carnations and rich greenery. – Floral designers, Bouwer Flowers

The Elements

The hero of the day and really what brought the magic, was the afternoon light. Hey Pioneer had been setting up in the mist and some drizzle. Later the afternoon, the sun came out and, as it glinted through the leaves, the forest took on a completely different and enchanted feel. Lad and Lass Photography beautifully captured our forest bride dancing through the trees, wearing a boho lace dress created by Charlotte Francina.

We styled the dress with White Lilly Bridal’s Georgie top and a collection of chunky jewellery. The bohemian top, with its bell sleeves, evoked memories of the free-spirited 70’s – perfectly at home in the forest. Our bride was also draped in a silk kimono from White Lilly Bridal just as a soft breeze made it’s way through the forest, breathing life into the delicate fabric and fringe. Taking the place of her flower crown was an equally dramatic, and exquisitely tarnished silver headpiece.

For me, this shoot was fantastic because it was the first time I was part of the glamping-inspired concept. Creating something glamorous and beautiful out of something normal was a challenge but so inspiring and it makes me so extremely exited for the future of the wedding industry because my question is, ‘What’s next?” – Make-up artist, Mana-zita