Vintage Finds to Hire at Simply Objekts

We really have a passion for finding innovative and passionate service providers. So I was beyond thrilled when I opened Simply Objekts’s website for the first time. And you will understand why. Simply Objekts is a hiring company, with a difference. While living abroad Hanlie, the owner of Simply Objekts, collected loads of little vintage treaures along the way. After her family’s return to South Africa, a friend suggested that Hanlie sell all her vintage goodies in her décor shop. But Hanlie was not ready to let go of her all treasures.And so the hiring company was born.

Hanlie tells us that Simply Objekts happened quite by accident. Two years ago, after living a wonderful life in Ireland, their world was turned upside down when her husband, due to the economic meltdown, lost his job. At the same time they lost a little boy. Things couldn’t really get any worse. They wanted a big time out, and the most rural part of Midwest USA seemed like the right place.
This was where Hanlie first discovered her love for old things, but not just any old vintage thing. Hanlie has very specific taste. She says, “It must be both simple and authentic, not just made-to-look-vintage”.
So, to make ends meet Hanlie made weekly trips to garage sales and thrift stores. “I had never picked up a camera before, but needed to make money, so I would take about twenty photographs of one item, just to use the best photograph in my online shop. I loved every minute of it. Like they say in the States, the ‘thrill of the hunt’ had me big time!” says Hanlie.
So if you are a vintage fanatic or just looking for something truly unique, then visit Simply Objekts. You can also buy her limited edition fine art prints or book her for a kiddies, product or interior decor shoot.