Valentine’s Day Envelope

I had quite a bit of felt leftover from a Christmas project and thought it would be put to perfect use for Valentine’s Day. Both Anelle and I have expressed our love of making our own gifts and distaste towards store-bought items. I’m a firm believer that a sweet letter of appreciation is really what Valentine’s Day is all about. However instead of some ordinary envelope I’ve created a reusable felt envelope to hold a love letter and maybe a chocolate or two! I got the idea from the Christmas stocking concept and thought why not have a similar place to put sweet notes and gifts every year?
All you’ll need is a piece of felt cut into a perfect square, some brads (available at any craft store) and a little super glue. Fold 3 corners to meet int the centre and push the brad through each layer. Bend back the ends of the brad inside the envelope to secure the folds. Cut out some simple hearts from some coordinating felt and super glue it on top of the brad. Insert your letter or gift and fold the top flap under the heart… and there you go, a non-perishable gift package that you can use for years to come. I’m planning on making one for myself as well so that both envelopes can sit on our mantle… awaiting Valentine’s morning!

Following on from our series of affordable and crafty Valentine’s Day ideas I’ve created yet another, easy-to-make, token of love. I’ve never been a good sewer and it’s for this reason that I’ve always loved felt. It’s a great material for newbie crafters and you really can use it for just about everything!

Happy Crafting!
Bianca, Lucky No. 9