Val and Oresti’s Magical Mountain Wedding Day

What could be more magical than a pure and romantic wedding, set amongst the mystical mountains of the Elgin Valley? Val and Oresti’s wedding day was a celebration, encircled by close friends, great food and heaps of carefree fun. Based in Johannesburg, the couple instantly fell in love with Old Mac Daddy, the surrounding nature and laid-back atmosphere.

From the storybook outdoor ceremony to the simple yet elegant reception, they managed to perfectly represent their unique style and personality as a couple with lots of personal touches. This warm hearted wedding was captured by Modern Hearts Photography .

The Love Story

We met many years ago when I was about 17 years old. We bumped into each other occasionally again after that, but it wasn’t until about 9 years later that we really noticed one another. It was just another Friday evening and my sister dragged me off the couch, and insisted I join her and my cousin for a night out. I wasn’t in the mood, but her persistence eventually got the better of me and looking back now, that small memory was the beginning of the rest of my life. To say I fell in love with Oresti from the moment we met, for the second time, is an understatement. After that Friday evening, I made it my ‘soul’ mission to be with him forever. And judging by this blog entry… it seemed to work. Oresti and I have been together for 8 years now, we got engaged one beautiful rainy morning in 2012 in Cape Town. It was one of those days that just started perfect. I remember waking up to the early sounds of rain and by the time I had gotten out of bed I opened the curtains to be greeted by a beautiful rainbow over the ocean. I believe that rainbow set the tone for the rest of that very special day as it turned out to be one that I will remember for the rest of my life when the man of my dreams casually asked me to be his wife. Cape Town turned out to be a very special city for us as it is where we decided to get married. We live in Johannesburg but have always loved the landscape, simplicity and more relaxed atmosphere that comes with the Western Cape. We found Old Mac Daddy, our venue of choice while doing some late night googling. Oresti and I are very impulsive people and went ahead and booked the venue without actually seeing it in person.

Every small moment has been built up to one of the most extraordinary days of our lives! Our wedding day was everything I imagined and more. It was a beautiful day and I think having our friends and families take the time to travel up and be there for that one special day meant more than anything in the world. – Val

Your Most Memorable Moments

We left for Cape Town three days before the wedding. It was extremely fun as we had our entire family all travelling with us. Even though there were some stressful moments, I would not have had it any other way. Every small moment has been built up to one of the most extraordinary days of our lives. I walked down the aisle to the Lumineers song HO HEY which I think immediately sparked a pool of tears. I was a lot calmer than I expected and when I saw my handsome husband tearfully waiting for me at the bottom of that aisle I knew immediately every day spent of planning, stress and tears were worth that very moment.

Tell Us More About The Wedding Day?

Our guests enjoyed some drinks, food and lawn games while we took photos so they were happily entertained. For myself and Oresti our day was always about two things good food and fun. Coming from an Italian and Greek family food would always play a big factor we had a lot of food so no one went hungry we made sure we were covered and Old Mac Daddy had some great ideas to add to the menu. We had boerewors rolls, cinnamon donuts, ice cream and glasses of milk come out at midnight for “midnight snacks. There were a few DIY projects which added their personal touch to our day. My invites, programs and menus were hand drawn and made by my sister which helped a lot. We had gold dinosaurs as each guest’s personal seating card. It is not as easy as you may think to find 100 plastic toy dinosaurs. I had the whole family outside spraying dinosaurs for days. My bouquets were made by my mom the morning of the special day and our search for 100 Nutella’s as favours began the day we arrived in CT, they were one of my favourite touches of the day.