Tropical Wedding Inspiration for the Fun Bride

Beachside getaways and long, sunshine-filled days are what we imagine when we think of a purely tropical setting. That’s exactly what this team of creatives pulled off when they put this island-inspired look together. We loved the bright colours and the green backdrop – everything from the popsicles to the shoes shouted summer fun. We asked the photographer, Angel, to tell us how they brought it all together.  

Why tropical?

We wanted to create a wedding scene with a tropical flare so we incorporated a unique line of jewellery, pops of colour and a wonderfully summer-inspired table setting. The venue was ideal, as it featured a beautiful wooden deck with bright, white walls and a Koi pond – adding to that destination wedding feel.

Making it happen

Summer is our favourite time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy good times with friends and loved ones. So, we decided that a tropically-inspired wedding shoot was something that we really wanted to showcase. We were inspired by succulent, tropical fruits, palm trees swaying in the wind and a colour palette resembling a beach sunset. Our flowers were layered with textures and colour, reminding us of tropical getaways with lush flora. Accents of wood were included in with our seating and table setting to create the feeling of a beachside gem. We also incorporated some delicate jewellery designs to compliment the soft, flowing wedding dresses.

Tips to recreate the look

We loved putting this look together and felt that adding fruits in the tablescape was a unique way of incorporating pops of colour, transforming it into a tropical setting. Palm leaves are so in style at the moment and we found that only a few were needed to create a luscious backdrop of greenery.

Our look really provided a wonderfully festive feel. From the cake to the stationery – we managed to create a vision of summer days spent celebrating with loved ones! – Angel, photographer