Travis & Maike’s Family Fete

We end the week with this very special Real Wedding. Or should I say, extra special – because all our Real Weddings are really special. It’s the wedding of Welovepictures, yup OF Welovepictures. It’s not a typo. This time they were on the other side of the camera.We are so honoured to feature the wedding of husband and wife duo, Travis and Maike McNeill, from WelovepicturesOtto Schulze, Travis’s friend as well as best man, had the privilege to capture their big day, and he did an amazing job. As soon as I saw the sneak peak on Otto’s blog, I emailed Travis (while he was still on honeymoon) in big bold letters saying “we have to have it”! So thanks to Otto and Welovepictures for “letting us have it”.I’m not going to say much about the wedding, as the beautiful pictures say it all. However, I have to mention that I knew it would be very, very pretty and unique as Maike has such a great sense of style. I follow Maike’s blog, Love made me do it, religiously. I just loved their old house in Johannesburg, that Maike featured on her blog, especially the kitchen. I would love to have a kitchen like that one day. So I would say Maike is one of my style icons :) We hope you enjoy this lovely wedding. Happy weekend everyone!

Their story

We met at University while Travis was in his 3rd year and I was in my 1st year. Travis, in his typical loud manner, tried to get my attention by being his booming, joking and loud self. My friends said he was slightly arrogant and borderline obnoxious. To me he was sweet and charming and flippen funny. It had worked. He had my full attention. We were friends for the first part of the year, which involved lots of milo-drinking and nonsense-talking and hanging out at the University’s Cafeteria. By the middle of the year we were hanging out every day. By the end of the year we were holding hands and sneakily canoodling in the dark room :)
My friends said he was slightly arrogant and borderline obnoxious. To me he was sweet and charming and flippen funny.

The Proposal

Oh wow, what a story, and a too long one at that. It involved a burning protea farm, a stranger in a park with an awesome message from Jesus, a ring, our two dogs and it ends with us getting mugged. You can listen to the full crazy story here. It’s pretty awesome.

The most memorable part of your wedding day?

The walk from the farm house to the ‘Chapel’ under the trees. This walk involved everything that is dearest to my heart and everyone that I love the most: A few weeks after Travis proposed, our awesome and incredibly-loved dog ‘Bokkie’ was knocked down by a car. She was supposed to grow old with us. We buried her underneath some cherry blossom trees on the farm, which I passed en-route from the farm house to the ‘Chapel’. My best friends and my sister were with me, smiling and joking and being awesome. My dad and I walked hand in hand through the yellow fields and met my mum about half way. Even though the day had started miserable and grey, the sun was shining and it was a lovely spring day. And then at the end of the walk, there was my almost-husband, waiting for me…

Any time saving and organising tips?

If like me, you are planning your entire wedding on your own, you need help. And not just help from your bridesmaid or your mum, but from someone that you trust and who knows what they’re doing. My awesome friend Nadine offered her help numerous times but I, the stubborn and cool control freak, politely declined every time. Two weeks before the wedding she got the call. I seriously needed her help. Nadine is a freelance personal coordinator and thrives on organising and sorting out other people’s mess. She took control of everything from delivery of the portable loos to the hanging up of string lights. This meant I wasn’t a complete nervous and panicky wreck by the time I was about to get married and it allowed us both to actually sit back and not worry about a thing.

The Dress

My wedding dress was made by my darling friend and super talented fashion designer Terese Meijering from Nooi. After getting engaged, my one grandmother gave me her original wedding dress (60 years old!) and my other granny gave me some hand-made lace. Sentimental and nostalgic me wanted to create a new dress with that. Terese had the vision and the awesome talent. She made the most beautiful soft and simple dress using mainly the lacy fabric from the vintage dress, layering it with off-white coloured silk and rounded it all off with the hand-crocheted lace from my other grandmother. Et voilà!
Every single item at this wedding was made possible by our friends and family – from my granny’s doilies to the hand-painted signs to my dress sewn by an amazing friend.