Tino & Susann’s Elopement

When photographer, Nadia Meli initially received a phone call from Susan, on the 1st of April, asking her to capture their secret elopement, she was certain that it had to be an April fool’s prank. She soon realised however, that Susan and Tino were serious, sincere and utterly eager to have her involved in their secret mission. As she happily played the role of photographer, confidant and style advisor, she was drawn more and more into the detail of their big day. With a special engagement shoot a night before the wedding, followed by a first look shoot and beautiful ceremony the next day, the couple embraced the realness and the romance of a secret union. We absolutely love the interesting locations chosen as their backdrop, not to mention the continuity of their navy, blue and white colour scheme that is visible in the designed elements as well as their chosen wardrobe. This beautiful shoot certainly gives the idea of eloping a fresh, chic and romantic appeal.

Tell us about your big day.

We got married, just the two of us, at the beautiful Baltic sea in Binz, Germany. We really eloped, as almost no one knew what we were planning. The ceremony took place in a former rescue tower that is now a branch of the local civil registry office. To avoid a boring standard civil ceremony we prepared personal vows, which made our intimate ceremony really special.  It was our day and it was very relaxed and utterly romantic! We don’t regret anything and would recommend eloping to anyone!