The Yukon Inspired Their Romantic, Wintery Shoot

Winter is all about adventures wrapped up in warm layers and unpredictable moments. This unbelievable engagement shoot is all about the excitement that comes with an open road and good friends! We loved the mystery of the dark skies and untouched natural landscape, the sweet story behind the couple’s shoot and the unexpected memories they created. We asked Jong Sun and Jiyeon to tell us more about how they met and the idea behind the trip. 

It cannot get any more wilder than Yukon in northern Canada. We were travelling on roads that stretched out between gigantic, snow-covered mountains, into the woods, on the lake and running through the endless field of reeds. – Henny, photographer

Our Story

I first heard about Jong Sun from one of my close friends. She thought we could be a good match. A photographer and a flight attendant together would probably mean a lot of travelling and photos and I guess that was her idea! She tried to fix us up many times but, for some reason, timing never seemed to work out. I was busy when he was available and when my schedule freed up, he was busy. Six months passed just like that. Then, one day, I was hanging out with my friend at a coffee shop in downtown Vancouver and he dropped by to say hello to her. I asked her who the guy was that would be stopping in – turns out it was Jong Sun! And that’s how we met – totally unplanned. Everything started right at that moment, as it was supposed to, and not six months earlier.

The Proposal

For my birthday last year, I was expecting something romantic to happen because we’d been together for three years. Something like a ring, perhaps. But it didn’t happened – he just cooked me a very nice dinner (which I was very happy about) and two days later, he came over to my place as usual after work. As soon as he arrived, he handed me his phone. He asked if I could have a look at some photos he’d worked on for his client, while he ran back to his car to grab something. Sure, I could do that. I think there were about 30 photos. I started to examine each one closely until I got to a video clip. My curiosity got the better of me and I pressed play.  And there he was: Jong Sun, talking about how we met and how much he loves me, followed by, “Will you marry me?”. He hadn’t returned from the car so I went looking for him. As I opened my door, he was standing right there waiting for me, with flowers in one hand and the ring in the other. “Yes!” was all I said.

What do you love about each other?

For Him

Kristin’s best quality is definitely her personality. She makes me feel so comfortable and she supports me unconditionally. Being with her makes my heart content and she cheers me up like no other does. If I get off the track sometimes she pulls me right back up on it again. Sometimes, along with some constructive criticism which I really appreciate, because even between true friends and lovers, it can be a quite a difficult thing to do. 

Apart from her personality, I would say the next best thing is our aligning passion and goals in life. We often get excited talking about our future together because we know we share the same dream. I am very thankful to have found someone who shares similar traits, but who understands the difference as well. I love how we keep each other inspired with our different-but-similar lifestyle.

For Her

I love how Jong Sun has always been the same person, since the day I met him. I admire his consistency, honesty and passion for his work. Most of all, I admire how he values love. He has always been an amazing boyfriend, incredible fiancé and he will be a wonderful husband and a loving father.

Details about the day

We decided to have our engagement photos taken in Yukon Canada. It was actually a total last minute decision. Jong Sun wanted to shoot our photos in nature, but wasn’t quite sure of where we should go. Then Yukon came across our mind. We both thought, “Why not?” and asked Henny, was completely onboard. The Yukon was beautiful – more beautiful than I expected it to be. We were overwhelmed by how grand nature was – it seemed like it had never been touched by humans because everything was so raw.

Henny wanted to shoot a campfire by the water and also, we were planning to cook our breakfast over it to enjoy with the view. But, starting a fire on the icy, wet ground in freezing temperature was not as easy as we’d thought it would be. We did start it, but we struggled to keep it alive and after few minutes, we were running out of newspaper to boost the fire. That’s when Jong Sun opened up his bag and reached for his brand new journal. The one he’d bought specifically for this trip to keep records of our adventures. At first, it was only a few pages he ripped and tossed into the fire. Eventually, though, the entire thing was burned. Even after his sacrifice, the fire only lasted few more minutes! 

That was definitely a fun way to start the day. Frozen solid but excited to discover more of the Yukon, we set out on the on the road again. After driving around for a couple of hours, we came across field of reeds. As soon as Jong Sun spotted this epic scenery, a vision dawned on him. He’d been an adventure photographer and wanted to grab couple shots of me standing in the middle of the field. So he asked me if I could walk over to the middle and stand among the reeds. “Sure, why not?”, I thought. I was happily on my way until l spotted an animal footprint on the ground, which I was sure belonged to a bear. So I highlighted my fear but his response was, “Don’t worry, there isn’t one and, even if there was, I will come and rescue you. So, go in a little bit further please?” Even today I keep telling him, “You have no idea how scared I was that day. That’s how much I love you!”