The Wild
African Moon

If you’re from Africa, and you’ve ever travelled abroad, there is one question you’re almost assured to be asked by foreigners: “You’re from Africa? Do you own a lion or rhino?” After a long explanation about how Africa also has roads, houses and even electricity (well, most of the time), you realise that to the outside world Africa is a wild and untamed place. Today’s styled shoot is is exactly that: wild and untamed.

Inspiration for the Shoot

I am constantly blown away by the richness of our South African culture, and how it forms part of the greater African culture. A while ago, a few of us had the idea of doing an African-inspired shoot — one that brought together the soft, earthy colours and natural, rough textures of our continent. The shoot had to reveal the raw, authentic diversity of Africa, in both culture and flora

The Shoot

To capture the earthy colours and textures, we used multiple combinations of flora and bushveld items. These included: dried seed pods, seeds, nuts, berries, twigs and leaves, dark fruits, four different types of thorn bushes, dried plant residues, feathers, horns and porcupine quills. Bronze and golden wire was used to create intricate combinations between these different items. I think for most of us, our favourite creation was the black-seed-pod, floral neck-piece.