A Tale of Two Cities: New York

We absolutely loved the idea of a daring wedding using black and yellow, with pops of greenery. This urban bride-inspired look is perfect for the couple who dare to be different. The ultimate fun in a city that never sleeps! We asked the creatives to tell us a bit more about how they created this look. 

The Inspiration

Not every bride wants the typical aspects of a romantic theme, so we created a look for a daring urban bride. One who wants to create a contemporary environment using bold, trendy colours. We decided to use two cities as our inspiration – New York, the city that never sleeps and Johannesburg, the city of gold.

To incorporate the concept of time, we played with clocks and hourglasses to underpin this idea. We used the well known city skyline as a backdrop and juxtaposed the use of greenery to play on the theme of an “urban jungle”. We were inspired by the classic image of a yellow New York cab, so we combined bright pops of colour to our neutral palette of black, white and grey. 

Styling Tips

Dare to be different. If frills and lace are not your thing, then go for what excites you. Be bold! Always have a base palette and bring in accents of lighter colours or metallics that will create depth, dimension and interest.

Only the beginning

Be sure to have a look at the second installment in this two-part urban series, inspired by the City of Gold.