Sweet ‘Tweets’ for your Valentine – DIY

Only a few days left until Valentine’s day and I am sure most of you will agree that a little ‘handmade’ token of love is far greater than a store bought expensive gift. Today I have created not only one… but three fantastic ways to ‘tweet’ your valentine!

There’s simply nothing better than cuddling up on the couch to watch a good movie together. ‘Invite’ your valentine to a romantic movie night by presenting them with this lovely popcorn box. Attach a little note to the box with a paper clip. Alternatively if you plan to buy tickets for a special show or movie, then attach these to the box.

Since Monday mornings are normally extremely chaotic by us … breakfast in bed will just not be an option! So instead I have decorated an ordinary brown paper bag with some scrapbook stamps and finished it off with a love poem by E.E Cummings.  If you do not have any stamps then the good old potato stamp will do just as well.  A little trick I have picked up is to use nail varnish and not paint! (do not use this with your scrapbook stamps). Fill the bag with a lovely sandwich, heart shaped scones or any treat you feel like.

For that extra spoil print out the Love Voucher book. These vouchers can offer anything from his/her favorite meal to a foot rub. The choices are endless!

Happy crafting and enjoy Valentine’s day

X Nancy, Creatus Design