Some Tips to Rock Your Couple Shoot!

We absolutely loved this cool-kid take on Amiel and Courtney’s couple shoot. Shot in the heart of Vancouver, it’s the perfect setting for this street style pair. We loved Courtney’s simple outfit, balanced by Amiel’s slightly more formal button-up shirt and, of course, their cutie-pie Olive! 

We started Amiel and Courtney’s shoot in Gas Town, Vancouver, where we followed them along the busy streets with their dog Olive as they escaped the buzz to walk along the waterfront at dusk. Their muted wardrobe beautifully complimented both the city and their natural surroundings. – Page & Holmes, photographers

Some advice on couple shoots

The number one piece of advice any photographer will give you when you’re planning your couple shoot (whether it’s for an anniversary, your engagement or just-because), is about your outfits. Dress the way you usually do – it will help you relax and be natural when faced with a camera lens. Plain clothes work best, in darker shades like navy or black unless your style is all about bold colours, but then make sure that your backdrop is quite plain. It’s all about balance! 

It’s quite unnerving to “act natural” when doing a couple shoot so perhaps get to know your photographer a bit better beforehand. Find someone how gels with your personalities and who you can open up to. This way, it won’t be so awkward when you’re enjoying an intimate moment, knowing someone is snapping a few photos.

We loved this couple shoot because it was clear that it was Amiel and Courtney’s ‘hood. Pick a venue or location that you’re comfortable with – if you never visit the beach, don’t pick it for your couple shoot! Most importantly, forget about the camera and just have fun! This is your chance to let loose and celebrate the moment with someone you care for – and get some great photos for later on.