Smart phone apps & online services for brides.

I’ve been at quite a few weddings where they mentioned the word ‘excel spreadsheets’ in wedding speeches. Either the bride or one of her bridesmaids had a little bit ‘geek’ or ‘control freak’ in them and organized the whole wedding from their computer or smart phone. Well, I have to admit, I’m one of them :)

Smart phones, iPads and laptops and the internet made the whole process of organizing your wedding so much easier. You can now find almost every service provider online. Today we want to share a few great links with you that can help you organize your wedding even faster and with less stress. I organized 85% of our wedding from my computer, the internet and some excel spreadsheets. But Nicola and I recently found some pretty cool sites that could help you even more, than the standard excel spreadsheet. If you’re someone that likes your smartphone and the internet, you’re going to love these applications and websites!

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Here is a list of some great ‘geeky’ tools to use for your wedding:

Online wedding planning tools:

Google wedding tools: Google has a wonderful free online service for brides to be. Their tools include custom made google docs especially for weddings, which you can access from any device linked to the internet. Google also has some personalized wedding sites and photo services for brides.

WeddingJoJo: Create your own gorgeous wedding website, choosing from any of their beautiful designs.

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Smartphone wedding applications:

Noeeva: A wedding planning, to-do list, guest list etc app for any smartphone.

iWedding Deluxe: iPhone wedding planning & organizing app.

Wedding 911 (by theKnot)iPhone wedding planning & organizing app designed for brides in the USA.

Wedding Pandroid: A personal wedding planning app for an Android phone.

Other geeky services:

Live Weddings: A South African based company that offers the service to live stream your wedding on to a Facebook page, so that your friends and family can view big day from any where in the world.

Announcement from WooThemes: Beautiful wedding WordPress Theme for your wedding blog or site.

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