Shades of Spring for an Earthy-Inspired Day

This day reminded us of the earthy beauty late spring has to offer and we loved the mix of different shades of green and red that featured throughout the decor. Pairing plum foliage and red lips with lots of rough, wooden accessories and soft, feminine dresses was the perfect balance between romance and bold, whimsical beauty! We asked stylist, Fennec, about the inspiration for this naturalist celebration. 

The Inspiration

We wanted to create a day inspired by a walk in the orchards of Galileo Farm in Elgin, on a sunny day in October. The blossoms were out and Elgin’s famous roses were flowering, while trees and shrubs offered up delicious emerald greens and deep plum foliage. A warm, balmy sunset made the perfect backdrop for a relaxed day that featured rambling, moody-hued roses and dark grey linen, raw wooden furniture and gorgeous flowing dresses. All beautifully captured by Carla Correia.