Say it with chocolate – printable

Dearest Pretty Blog readers, today Seven Swans brings you a quick, easy, fun and slightly quirky gift idea.

So often I just want to hand out a very small gesture of thanks or a quick “I love you”. As I totally LURVE chocolate and cannot imagine anyone else not loving it as much as I do, a nice big slab of this tasty treat is usually the first thing I grab. Problem is, food labels are hardly ever all that pretty and I almost always spend more time trying to dress it up than I really had time for.

We have designed message labels you can wrap around a bar of chocolate. We used the flat 100g Lindt Bar (the Cote d’Or 100g works just as well and has REALLY pretty foiling). Choose between one of the 4 thank you and I love you messages and print out. Remove the cardboard box around the chocolate and now wrap the message wrapper (which you have cut out along the edges) around your foil chocolate bar, securing it with double sided tape. Voila! Your own packaging with cute message!

Have fun!

xx Anelle from Seven Swans