Rustic Wedding at Rockhaven

Sometimes to get everything you have ever wanted, a little divine intervention is needed. A small wooden cottage situated in the Elgin Valley played host to a very intimate ceremony. The beautiful floral arrangements perfectly complemented the earthy, rustic look of this couple’s special day.

The dress

I didn’t want a conventional white dress, and I had nothing to reference my dress from – other than the idea in my head. This posed a few challenges. Luckily, I came across Janita Toerien. She designed and made my dress. No idea was too ‘out there’ for her.

the story

Lise and I met in Stellenbosch about seven years ago. We were both studying at the time. Our first years as a couple were bumpy, but things soon smoothed out: we both gave our hearts to the Lord, which altered the course of our relationship from then on. We started building on a future, and we enjoyed every moment of the journey from thereon.
We got engaged on the 19th of January, 2014 on a beach in Yzerfontein. We walked down to the beach with eight of our closest friends. Gerhard, one my closest friends, asked that we stop to admire the beautiful beach. He then asked Heine to pray for us. We closed our eyes, and Heine starting praying for guidance for the big year ahead. During the prayer, Gerhard had slipped the ring to Heine. When I opened my eyes, Heine was on one knee. Everyone burst out in tears. Heine was so overcome by the moment that he could hardly get a word out. When he eventually asked me, I simply answered with an emphatic, yes! Nine months later, on the 27th of September, we got married at Rockhaven.

Most memorable moments


Waiting for Lise in the church was very emotional. I realised how long I had been waiting for this moment, and how hard we both had worked to get here. Then she walked in. I had never seen her look more beautiful. All of the million emotions I was feeling before seemed to fade away – in an instant, all was calm.

I remember trying to walk down the aisle as slowly as possible, so as to take in every moment. I saw Heine’s face, and could not hold back my tears any longer. His vows were so beautiful – no words can describe what I felt listening to him. The rain came down just as we sat down in the venue – creating a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Tips & Advice

Things are bound to go wrong at your wedding. In most instances, you are the only one aware of this. So don’t worry too much about it. Another thing, cater for your guests. If there is a sports event, try to accommodate for it. You don’t want your guests constantly wandering off in search of the score. Lastly, focus on the food, photographer and DJ. Those are the things your guests will remember most.


We had photos of our engagement shoot framed and placed throughout the venue, as well as name cards, table lists and stationery.