Ruhan & Natalie’s Beach Wedding

Today is a blue Monday but it’s not blue because we’re having a bad day. No, it’s blue because we are sharing this Blouberg beach wedding with you.

I emailed photographer Lizelle Lotter the minute I opened this wedding. I just had to share it, and once you see the pictures you will see why. There’s the gorgeous couple, with their movie star looks. A fabulous wedding dress by Gelieft and a beautiful setting.

The weather did not play along 100%. It was extremely windy, but it made for some amazing shots taken by Lizelle Lotter. 

Tell us your love story? How did you meet and fall in love?

We went to school together in Caledon, we always knew about each other but we weren’t friends. It was only when I was in matric and Ruhan was a 1st year that he declared his love to me, or rather that he liked me, a bit too much;) at my best friend’s birthday party. I was a bit taken a back, but was very flattered and the rest is history.

So how did he pop the question?

We got engaged on the 29th of September 2010 on a beach in Barcelona Spain, everything was truly perfect. We were taking a stroll on the beach at sunset and he went on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

What  were the highlights of your wedding day?

Natalie: The moment I walked down the aisle and saw Ruhan’s face.

Ruhan: The first time I saw Natalie, my beautiful bride, walking towards me.

Looking back, do you have any regrets about the day? 

Our wedding day was a dream come true, but I would have given anything for my mom to be there, she passed away exactly one year before the big day.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome while organising your dream wedding?

I think the greatest obstacle for us was the guest list. We really wanted a small intimate wedding and that meant that we couldn’t invite certain people that we wanted there. And also don’t plan your wedding all the way from France, it isn’t easy.

Any hints for other brides on how to keep your wedding budget friendly
We didn’t have a big wedding so that definitely helped and also get your family members involved, you would be surprised in some of their
talents and ideas. DIY is great fun and very gratifying.

Were any of your family members or friends involved in the wedding and what were their contributions?

Ruhan’s grandmother made the beautiful wedding cake and his aunt made delicious desserts.

Did your wedding preparations include any DIY projects?
Yes, I made the wedding invitations and the table numbers.

What was the “theme” of your wedding, and why?
We didn’t have a particular theme, but we knew we wanted a very laid back feel, sort of like a big family lunch.

How does your wedding reflect your personalities?
Our wedding perfectly reflected our personalities in the sense that we are both not very outgoing and prefer an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. We love the beach, which provided the perfect setting for us to achieve

What are you looking forward to now that you are married?

What’s next for you as a couple? We are really enjoying being married and recently we got a puppy who is keeping us very busy:)