Red Festive Ideas – Inspiration

If you grew up in South Africa you will know what a basaar is. If not, it’s a little bit like a carnival. It always includes lucky packets, homemade sweets, ginger beer and baked treats, as well as fun games for the children. And no South African get-together is complete without a braai. And at a basaar it’s usually snoek, chicken or boerewors rolls (South African traditional sausage hotdogs).So, if you want to choose a nostalgic theme for your big day then a basaar/carnival theme would be perfect. Incorporate the theme into your menu by serving guests candy floss and toffee apples.
Create a dessert table with homemade pies and tarts. Entertain guests with traditional games and activities. Forget about French boules and opt for a game of jukskei.This theme can easily be used for a New Year’s celebration, and it can also be adapted for a birthday party or to celebrate Christmas.This beautiful shoot is the fourth theme in a series of four, created in collaboration with Christine Meintjes,Elsje DesignFlowers in the Foyer and Kanya Hunt.