The Pretty Blog & Fairlady Bride 2014

One of our proudest moments this year was undoubtedly the pastel pretty bridal shoot. The shoot was for the glossy pages of Fair Lady Bride and photographed by Christine Meintjes. We ventured into the secret, unsullied valleys of Wellington to visit the scenic Grand Dédale Estate, drenched in the softest light. Using our dreamy setting as a starting point, we incorporated a rustic and natural colourscheme that complimented our surroundings, yet still portrayed an air of statuesque opulence, fit for a blushing bride.


Our look was inspired by the idea of a luxurious country wedding, effortless but lavish, uncluttered yet utterly striking. It’s all about simplicity that makes a statement. Our square ombre cake was made by Laura Mitchen Cake Couture. We paired old rudiments with new embellishments. Crystal cut glasses can be playfully combined with modern crockery and pastel water glasses. Make use of simple stationery designs and distinguish it with a rustic more classic typography.


For the bridesmaid’s dress, Janita wanted to draw attention to a beautifully tailored, high waist, lace dress. Alicia Buckle then completed the look with a soft hairstyle and flattering fresh make-up. A useful tip: There is no need to have a detailed dress competing with accessories. The idea with this dress was to be able to mix and match the combination of bodice and skirt that you want or even change from a long skirt at the ceremony to a short skirt at the reception.


We wanted the dresses, hairstyle and make-up to be laid-back but still chic and elegant. Janita Toerien did a remarkable job with both the bridal- and bridesmaid gowns. Inspired by the bohemian chic trend that we’re seeing in bridal fashion, we paired a soft whimsical bridal gown with a striking floral-headpiece. It makes such a gorgeous statement when walking down the aisle. Heike from Fleur le Cordeur made all the dreamy floral designs for our shoot.


When choosing a natural and neutral colour scheme, a dash of coral charm will certainly bring life to a spring celebration. Alicia was the artist behind the make-up and hair brush, “For the hair, we decided on a very messy everyday style, with loose hair around her face to frame her beautiful oval face. At the back we did a very messy bun, with loose ends hanging in her neck. I just wanted to show off her beautiful skin and eyes, the make up application was minimal – very soft, and almost fairytale like.”