A Picnic for Two in the Woods

This earthy-inspired affair had us dreaming of a romantic picnic in the woods with that special someone! We loved the burnt orange and red tones to complement the green surroundings and the two cakes looked mouthwatering – we asked photographers Studio Prins to tell us about their woodsy inspiration. The bride’s dress was the perfect balance between boho and romantic, with that short skirt and lace overlay. So, pack up a basket and head into the forest for some sweet memories! 

A Woodsy Inspiration

We wanted to show the warmth, coziness and joy of an outdoor forrest wedding. We chose warm colors, flowers and accessories to bring it all together. We especially loved the hot chocolate – it made our day more cozy and the bride very happy. I wanted the setting to be in Lage Vuursche because I love this beautiful little part of the Netherlands. We used a lot of wooden elements in the shoot and all the furniture was handmade with old used wood, so it suited the forest setting perfectly. It was great working a with a real-life couple for our styled day because it made the moments more special and less stiff. We hope to inspire other brides with our romantic forest wedding!