Tales of Tradition in the French Countryside

Wondrous pastel colours, the French countryside and age-old romantic castles – the stuff we read of as young girls. This fairytale is just perfection – soft textures of a modern, blue wedding dress, that stunning (matching) bouquet and a dapper bowtie. It all tied flawlessly to our theme for this month, Tales of Tradition, combining the old with the new – creating their own celebrations in a setting where so many have gone before. It’s so easy to get lost in something so dreamy! 

Photographer Inge Kooiman tells us more about the inspiration behind it. 

The inspiration

We love the castles in France – we like to dream about all the love stories that have taken place behind those ancient wall. So we traveled to France to photograph this pure romance shoot. We wanted to create something minimalistic and timeless, transporting back to a time where it was all about two people who loved each other unconditionally. This shoot was all about the story between that couple full of love, keeping things fresh, clean and simple. Our motto was Let’s celebrate the love!

Making the fairytale come to life

Together with Elsa Schaddelee Photography, I helped to arrange this lovely shoot. We worked with some amazing creatives – Annika Noorzij, from Wild at Heart Bridal, provided us with a beautiful dress by designer Alexandra Grecco. Daniella van den Huijssen designed a handmade headpiece and Mullers Floral Design made a beautiful bouquet in the colours of the groom’s suit and bridal dress. The make-up and hair were done by the Beautiful Bride Company, based in the Netherlands.