Pastel Playfulness & A Perfect Pair

Tara of Roots of Life Photography chose this couple – Leena and Ehab – as winners for an engagement photo session she was giving away because, upon meeting them, she said the chemistry, adoration and fun these two have together just made her want to photograph them. 

We have to agree – these two are cute! And we loved having a look at their playful, pastel engagement shoot in Lincoln Park – pretty! 

I met Ehab Freshmen year of college while riding the Metra. I thought he was attractive immediately but we became good friends. I always thought he was out of my league so I was happy to have him become my best friend. He was always my go-to guy and the only guy I ever completely trusted. So it was to my surprise when he told me he had feelings for me. I became the happiest girl in the world. And now, not only is he my best friend, but my love and very soon-to-be husband. ~ Leena

It was the second year of my college career. I hated taking the Metra, it was just so annoying. On this particular day, I saw Leena for the first time and my heart just stopped. It was like the perfect Jazz tune playing in my head. From that day I just wanted to take the train so I would have a chance to see her. ~ Ehab

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