Fun in the Streets of Jozi During the Golden Hour

Exploring the city and seeing it through the eyes of this beautiful couple is more than we could hope for in a fun-filled engagement shoot. As they walked along the bustling streets, Johannesburg came to life and showcased its truly eclectic side. We loved the mix of colours in this shoot, complimenting the stark, historic walls that make up South Africa’s busiest city. And of course that golden light made us think “Hello Sweet Sunshine!”

Behind the scenes 

When we met Thato and Nthabiseng, they completely loved the idea of shooting in the buzzing Jozi streets during the “golden hour”. It was a bit of an unplanned shoot in terms of the exact meeting spots, so we opted for a coffee stop and a sunrise session which allowed for plenty of time to explore the shops and walk around one of the most creative spots in town. What makes this shoot truly special was the way this sweet couple smiled whenever they looked at each other. 

Their story 

The dimples that changed the course of my life. I get nostalgic when I think about what a great friend I have in Nthabi. Normal, daily interactions and many other factors in life tend to get us down and we often forget the joy we get from the people we have entrusted to make us happy. In all the craziness of life, I’ll never forget the day I saw the dimples that appeared on that picture perfect face, the day I looked into those eyes that searched the depths of my heart and chose to love me just as I am. Those same eyes that could easily have given me the understanding of an enchanting galaxy – proof that there is something greater out there which no scientific method could explain. The memory of the day I was fortunate enough to date the woman I wanted to spend my life with will forever stay with me. In many ways God has been gracious to us and the relationship we have. I am grateful to have met this sophisticated lady and it feels like yesterday that our best date was buying ice cream from McDonald’s and chilling on campus, chatting the night away. Soon our lifelong journey will begin and my hope is that God may be glorified through our relationship and that we may find satisfaction in Him.

The proposal

We were on holiday in Hazyview and we were ringing in the new year by watching TV. Just before midnight Thato said, “I can’t think of better way to bring in the new year than by asking you to be my wife.”

What makes this shoot so unique?

We were looking through Maiden Moose’s photos and we liked the city shoots, because they seemed fun and informal. We also chose the city-scape because we wanted our engagement photos to have a different vibe than our wedding photos. What makes it unique were the different props we incorporated in the shoot and how much fun we had doing it – truly showcasing our personalities.