Sail Away with These High School Sweethearts

When a day involves high school sweethearts, a nautical theme and a beautiful marina, we’re sold! These two spent the day celebrating their love for each other in such a fun, natural setting and we loved the navy and white combo. The yacht looked so inviting, it left us daydreaming of a trip around the harbour!


Their story

These two sweethearts met in school, although they weren’t in the same class Hjalmar wanted to get to know the cute blonde girl he saw every day in the halls. He decided to try writing letters to his crush and the rest is history! After school, they had a long distance relationship because of their studies, but after they finished they chose Munich as their new hometown.

The shoot

As they share a love of the outdoors and sailing, they decided to do a shoot at the Starnberger Sea. They chose outfits in a marine colour scheme and the day was filled with so much fun and laughter.