Natural Bride Inspired Shoot

I am always amazed by how spring brings forth spontaneous and yet simple arrays of colours. Being a beautiful bride can be as simple as spring, with no need for frills and clutter. Going back to nature brings back freshness that inspires a natural and modern look. Rebecca von Rehn, reveals a timeless, modern approach to a natural bridal look. She caught this piece of earthly heaven in Falkensteiner, Hamburg.

The Shoot

The Shoot was inspired by nature, we wanted to catch beauty and bridal in a natural, yet modern and fresh way. We did the shoot on a budget, to show that low budget and natural beauty is absolutely possible. In this shoot we used a dress from Zara, a top from H&M, by Isabel Marant, and the marabou jacket was made for the shoot. Flowers, grass and the other decor was all found in the natural surroundings.

Make this your own pretty

The dress can be found at Zara and is part  of their spring collection, the top from Isabel Marant can be found at H&M. Items like these are popular in vintage stores and the marabou feather jacket is a great item to recreate in your own way for any wedding. These items are welcome for the cold hours of a wedding and you can get them from various vintage shops in Cape Town, near Greenmarket square.
The make-up look itself is very fresh. We used a cream cheek blush, nude lipstick and a dash of water-resistant, cream-based Bobbi Brown¬†eyeshadow. It’s the perfect combination for a long lasting natural look.
For the hair we used soft beachy curls, made with an iron. Adding a bit of texture with spray and other hair products, will achieve a more naturally wild and modern look. The look only gets better, as the curls hang out. This is a great style to try at home. It’s great to just play with it, take side parts and twist them and pin them together until you feel comfortable with your own unique look. Frizzy and curly hair are currently very trendy.