Muted Wilderness: Modern Wedding Inspiration

If you are looking for modern and unique wedding inspiration – this is it. A neutral palette, careful curating and interesting textures come together to create a mix of stunning scenes. Lana Fredericks, of MYŪZU, weaves us the beautiful story behind the shoot. The sophisticated, modern setup is so incredible that you may want to replicate it as is – or call on the talented wedding planners of BonTon Events  and furniture stylist, Johan Taute of Scape Eventsto help you to achieve your own bespoke wedding vision. 

The Story of the Shoot

The historic buildings that depict the Spier wine farm’s heritage are set on a crisp green lawn and surrounded by the view of our muted wilderness.

 A view that might seem monotonous at a first glance is brought back to life through textures, tableware, glassware, textiles and gradients. Striking to the eye, the symphonic arrangement of mismatched ceramic and metal stools, white ghost chairs and other white perspex seating invite guests to a nomadic table.

The table’s elements are easily perceived as ordinary wedding decor from afar.  But the monotone colour palette is contrasted with shattered unglazed clay plates, farm-like crockery, luminescent copper cutlery, ruffled linen napkins and sectioned glassware with golden rims. Chalky fossilised blooms arranged in a series of vases are scattered precisely to add a modern futuristic look to the table. Untreated wood finishes, “Tolbos” and acacia thorn are placed meticulously with horns on the table to ground the earthy look. 

For the formality of the occasion, the bride is in an ensemble inspired by Audrey Hepburn; a simple bow accent and fossilised floral clip in her hair. 

After an abundant meal the bride will reveal her alter ego – dressed in a tight tailored lace dress, perfectly adorned with a striking red lips. Her groom offers the ideal counterpart. A sophisticated man in camel, white and grey shades with tan leather details. 

The afterparty area is composed along a cobbled walkway and its backdrop is mirrored by gabled thatched monuments.It meets a lush setting with an adornment of silver tables, de-buttoned grey ottomans and graphic armchairs that make the transition of the night that much more comfortable.

Here a beautiful bridesmaid dressed in chic white waits to welcome the newlywed couple. 

Rather than confining the guest to a single setting, here we entertain the eye, each scene filled with new bewilderment. ~ Lana Fredericks, MYŪZU

Love this venue? 

Spier Wine Farm has the ultimate special for winter weddings! Think farm-to-table food, crafted wines and being surrounded by centuries of history and romance. Add a crackling fire in the imposing fireplace of the 200-year-old Manor House and atmospheric vineyard and mountain views – pure perfection.

They then wants to spoil the bride and groom with the honeymoon suite, a pre-nuptial dinner (where they will foot R2000 of the bill!), spa vouchers and a bottle of wine in each of your guests’ rooms – each of which comes with a 10% discount! 

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