Misty Mountain Mornings in the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is well known for its icy winters with breathtaking views. Dan and Lana’s wedding on their family farm used both elements for a memorable day, with cozy inspiration and old world elegance. We absolutely loved the bride’s gorgeous dress and the bridesmaids’ colourful outfits against the misty backdrop!

There’s nothing quite as romantic as fires, glasses of spicy Glühwein, misty mountains and a warm embrace. Lana’s strawberry blonde hair and bouquet with bursts of red perfectly complimented the rusty tones that spread throughout the wedding decor. – Page and Holmes, photographers

Our Story

We met when we started studying together for our Honours in Architecture in 2012. We were really good friends and then got together at the end of that year. I grew up in the Drakensberg and we love spending time there, so it made for the perfect spot to get engaged. We were going on a six hour hike, but only got a kilometre in when Dan proposed and we obviously couldn’t carry on, so we headed back to our family cottage where a picnic was set up for a family gathering.

Our Style

A big part of our wedding was the location – we wanted to have it in the mountains on our family farm, a very special place with lots of meaning. My sister got married there and it’s where we had my late brothers memorial. Five months before the wedding, we cleared a large wattle forest in order to build the amphitheater, which overlooked the dam and mountains. With huge family support and lots of hard work, our special spot was grassed and ready for our big day. We wanted to share this spot with others and so the intention is for it to be a wedding venue for many more special days. The décor was very simple, because it was all about the view of the misty mountains and the special setting. We chose a winter wedding, to embrace the cold day and enjoy the comfort of the fires, blankets, glühwein, the warm lunch and sweet Malva pudding.

What do you love most about each other?


It’s difficult to pinpoint one particular thing I love most about Lana but one of the many is her incredibly loving, caring and soft nature. She loves to have fun and sing and dance when no one is looking. Having grown up in the berg, she loves spending time outdoors, which is something we try to do as often as we can. I knew from the beginning that she is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with!


I love the way that Dan is so incredibly supportive and loving toward anything I do. I love his strong and confident, yet sincere and caring nature. I love his subtle jokes and belly laugh, which brings a lot of humour to our relationship. I love him and our true friendship.

The Dress

After many hours of looking at pictures, I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure what it would actually look like. Monique helped to bring the ideas together. My best part of the process was shopping for the fabric, which was quite different to what I’d initially intended to buy. It was awesome to see the dress get put together and develop into the picture I had in my mind. A semi-princess skirt, open back, long sleeves and the contrast of the skirt to the top.

Any tips for planning a wedding?

Decide what’s most important to you and don’t fuss about the small things (which only you will notice). The ceremony in the amphitheater was most important part to our day and so most of our energy went into that. Our wedding was mostly a ‘do it yourself’ wedding – from friends doing the bouquets to my aunt making our amazing cake and the guys doing the electrics.

Did you go on honeymoon?

We went to Nambiti Plains Private Game Reserve for two nights and it was amazing! Then we went down to Nature’s Valley, were we got to relax and enjoy a complete break. Friends of ours had stocked the fridge with our favourite food and drinks – it was such a special treat.