Meet Photographer Amanda Drost

People often ask me what I love most about what I do, and my reply is always the same… it’s the people I meet and get to work with that I enjoy the most about my job. I am always humbled and inspired by the creative community. And that was exactly the feelings that came over me as I opened an email from Dutch Photographer Amanda Drost from Passionphotography, asking if she could come and do an “internship” with us. We felt flattered that such an established photographer offered to help us out for a month. Of course we jumped at the opportunity, because her work is simply beautiful! We’ve been keeping her busy with lost of shoots and projects and you will soon see some of her work popping up on the blog.

Amanda has had a very busy wedding season in The Netherlands, and came here by herself all the way from her hometown, Ede, to see what the South African wedding industry is about. Amanda’s eagerness to learn and discover new things reminded me again that it doesn’t matter how successful you think you are, it is always good to learn from others and to challenge yourself and to do something outside your comfort zone.
She will be with us until the end of the month. It’s good to have her around the office! Here’s lovely Amanda and some of her beautiful work!

I’m a romantic , and I believe in love. So it is such an honour for me to capture a joyous and special occasion such as someone’s wedding day!