Make-up advice – Mature Faces


It’s my last post for The Pretty Blog and what better way to say “ciao” than by paying homage to our moms? I’ve worked on many mothers-of-the-bride and they always seem to sit in my chair and ask “can you do anything with this face?”

The answer is always undoubtedly YES! I love moms! They’re always there when we need them and even when we’re moody and emotional, they keep coming back for more. I love pampering the moms and making them feel special on the wedding day, but I also make sure to use waterproof everything! Some make-up artists get a bit nervous working on more mature faces, but there are a few tricks (just like any make-up application) that will help create a flawless and naturally beautiful face.

1. Prep the skin with a lightweight primer. This helps reduce the appearance of very fine lines and will even out the skin texture. If you feel like your skin is a bit dry, use an iridescent primer like MAC strobe cream. It adds a wonderful glow to the skin.

2. Don’t smile while applying blush otherwise it will settle into your wrinkles. Rather gently apply blush using circular motions on the apple of the cheeks, sweeping up the cheek bone.

3. Remember that powder has an aging effect. It settles into lines and wrinkles and emphasises them. To eliminate shine, gently press (don’t brush) powder onto those areas and try avoid powdering the “lined” areas as much as possible. The inner corners of the eyes and just underneath, the sides of the nose and ever so slightly onto the cheeks, around the nostrils and onto the chin … those are generally the safe areas to powder.

4. Hooded eyes may be a little difficult, but have a look at this video; it’s super helpful and illustrates the technique nicely.

5. A fantastic tip for mature lips is to use a lip stain. They look like little khoki pens and they line the lip beautifully without bleeding into fine lines. Lip stains also last for ages and they’re a good base before you apply your lipstick.

6. Thin lips can be made to look fuller by applying a highlight to the middle of the bottom lip and to the bow of the top lip. Layer your lipstick on top of this highlight to allow it to shine through and look natural.

Overall, remember to keep the powder to a minimum and apply your make-up in thin, natural layers.

Thank you so much for having me on The Pretty Blog and for the wonderful comments and support. If you have any questions in the future, please feel free to contact me through my blog, and I’ll reply as best (and as quickly) as I can!

All the best for your special day!

Candice Mac Nicol