Know Your Style – Part 1-The Lady

Your style is an expression of your personality and your wedding should be no different.With the help of AnnaH we’ll explore exactly what this means. Are you a minimalist or very eclectic? Perhaps you’re a Maverick…. inspired by fashion hot of the runway?

Knowing your style sets a realistic foundation for what you should stick to, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed with the profusion of ideas on the internet. For the next few weeks, we will explore The Lady, The Minimalist, The Classicist, The Maverick and the The Eclectic. You might associate yourself with more than one personality, but the idea is to find a ‘style foundation’ that will assist you to select the ideal colour scheme, decor options, wardrobe ensembles and menu presentation.

Introducing… The Lady “Your wedding exposes the sheer romance of your ladylike personality. Celebrate your feminine side with ruffles, lace, pearls, bows, beautiful cutlery, crystal glasses and the finest linen. The idea is not to completely go overboard with detail, but to accentuate key visuals with complimenting embellishments and quality materials.” –Anneke


IIImages for the Lady : via , Her Wardrobe:via Her Bedroom:via,Her Decor: found on pinterest Her Colours: Elizabeth Messina, Colour palette: Design Seeds 

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