Know Your Style-Part 5 (The Classicist)

Today we wrap up the series called “Know Your Style”. To help brides conceptualise their wedding look Anneke, from AnnaH Bridal Styling, has identified five different personal styles: The Lady, The Minimalist, The Maverick , The Eclectic and The Classicist. So why should this be of interest to you when planning your wedding? Well, most brides I know, want to feel comfortable on their wedding day. And being comfortable means having a wedding that reflects your personality and style. Believe it or not, it is not always easy to identify one’s own style. But looking at the five different styles, and identifying one or two that you feel resonates with you can be very helpful.

Remember that during your wedding most service providers you work with are strangers to you. So you have to be able to communicate to them what you want. And if you can say, for example, my personal style is classic, then they know you would like something timeless and elegant. In other words you can use it as a tool to guide you and your service providers through the course of your wedding planning.

Today we look at  The Classicist: You prefer sticking to basics. Elegance and style that will stand the test of time sets the foundation of your wedding decor and attire. Create an effortlessly chic and simple look by combining classic pieces in neutral tones. Stick to print free pieces and straightforward shapes. 10 years down the line, you’d like to look at your wedding pictures without a cringe of regret. Think Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.



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