Judy & Martin’s Laid-Back Limpopo Wedding

Today we share a romantic wedding set in the heart of a magical pine forest in Limpopo. Judy and Martin knew from the start that they wanted to celebrate their big day in a laid-back fashion, so as a replacement for the traditional bells and whistles, they opted for a cosy atmosphere, take-out pizza, ukuleles, guitars and an all-round hospitable evening spent with their closest friends and family. Lad and Lass Photography were there to capture this heart-warming commitment.


We’ve known each other for ages; one of Mart’s groomsmen actually introduced us, but only became close about 4 years ago. After 2 years of being best friends, the timing was finally perfect for us to begin dating. We knew right from the start that “this was it”, which made everything more scary and more exciting. Staying true to our adventurous spirit, we got engaged on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – it was both perfect and freezing.
My advice to brides will be to make sure you stay true to who you are and pick a killer bridal party. Being with our best friends the whole time made a huge difference to our stress levels and the overall feel of the day.


We really wanted to keep the wedding from being too high-strung and formal. We hoped everyone would have a relaxed, fun time, so we tried to bring that into all the different aspects of the wedding.  From the ceremony, which was intimate and involved, to the food which was shared pizzas from the local pizza house to the Photo-booth to the ukuleles and guitars spread out everywhere.


My bridesmaid Emma, made our flower crowns the morning of the wedding, and they were absolutely stunning. Our friends Roan and Jean from Remedy Design also made our amazing marquee letters out of thick cardboard and fairy lights. The effect was spectacular. They’re up in our house now.

M + J from Orpen Film Co. on Vimeo.