Joseph & Ellen’s Beach Engagement

Destined to meet Ellen and  Joseph’s beautiful engagement session took place on the shores of New York’s famous Long Island Coast. It was a breezy spring day as Twah Dougherty from Style Art Life captured these gorgeous images that speak a language of lightness, brightness and the kind of beauty that can only be found in the unrefined simplicity of nature. The couple met through friends at a random Tuesday night networking event that turned into an impromptu dance party. For the first time in her life, Ellen made the first move and it worked. Joseph said he made Ellen fall in love with him by twirling her around the dance floor. They officially tied the knot earlier this year at a beautiful old mansion called Pleasantdale Chateau, in West Orange, New Jersey, and it was a dream come true for them.

What inspired your engagements photo shoot?

Nothing more than the sun, sand and ocean. We love the water and Twah’s ability to capture just the right moments in romantic, subdued hues. That’s all
we needed as inspiration.

How did Joseph pop the question?

One Saturday in June of last year, we were dog-sitting my mother’s puppies. I came downstairs after and found the box of puppies missing. Alarmed, I called out for Joe and he responded by asking me to come outside in a few minutes. My stomach started to feel tingly and I knew he had something up his sleeve. I cautiously opened the front door and saw Joe standing on the front lawn beside Pinky and her puppies with a bunch of flowers. As soon as I stepped outside, Pinky ran up to me and I saw that she had a ring tied to her collar. Overjoyed and shocked, I just stood there. Joe took my hand, and got down on one knee. I immediately started to tear up, but laughed instead when Joe stuttered during his speech. Finally, he asked me to marry him and before I knew it, we were hugging in the grass on our knees. He asked me to stand up and put the ring on my finger, making us officially engaged.