Johann & Lesley-Anne’s Whimsical Vintage Affair

You’re in for a treat today. This Real Wedding is filled with delicious details from beginning to end. The beautiful Lesley-Anne says she’s a detail person, and her wedding day was no exception. Together with friends and family she created snippets of prettiness throughout her wedding day.
The fun-loving couple, who jokingly calls themselves “The Lafness” (Lekker Awesome Fun), wanted a wedding that would reflect their adventurous, happy spirits. Lesley-Anne even opted for a pretty, short dress to keep things light and comfortable.André from Vivid Blue worked his magic behind the camera.

Tell us your love story …

How we met is quite a long story from having the same friends but never meeting, then meeting but having partners, to eventually dating and having a long-distance relationship between Pretoria and Cape Town. Eventually there was a big move to Cape Town and there the romance blossomed.We love to go out and explore new places. Adventure is definitely our middle name. As a couple we call ourselves the LAFNESS (Lekker Awesome Fun).This came about in a Skype conversation we had during our long-distance period. We had a few great weekends together and we said time with each other is always lekker awesome and fun. Thus the LAFNESS were born. Our friends started picking this up and we are now officially called The Lafness.We started blogging and updated the blog with our engagement and all the celebrations.

What were the highlights of your wedding day?

The fact that it was more than just a wedding. It really felt like an awesome party with friends and family. Watching all your ideas come to life was also a big highlight. We loved the detail. I am very detail-orientated, so even though many a bride has said that people don’t always notice the detail, I noticed it. And because the people in my life know me so well, they appreciated every little detail we put into our special day.

Any advice for brides-to-be?

Remember that this is your and your partner’s day! Include your partner from the start! Make sure you guys do and make it everything you love. Weddings are not family reunions, they are special days, with your dearest and nearest! Enjoy your day, don’t stress. Eat, drink and be merry!

Did anything unexpected happen?

We did not prepare our own wedding vows. We were just going to go with the traditional Afrikaans vows, when suddenly our wedding councilor said that ‘the lafness’ wants to say something to one another! We were surprisingly shocked, however it turned out awesome and felt so real!

Where did you get most of your ideas and inspiration from?

The best magazine was Fair Lady Bride. I also looked at lots of blogs and followed suppliers’ work on Facebook. Pinterest was also great. I started making a wedding board when we got engaged and when it came to choosing and meeting suppliers, it was easy to just show them my board and they knew immediately what we liked and wanted!

Any time saving or organising tips?

The more organised you are, the better. Make a spreadsheet, keep everything together in the same files. In the week before, I gave each supplier a document with important information, everyone’s contact details and a flow of the day. This helped everyone know who was doing what, and who would be where at what time.

Any hints for other brides on how to keep your wedding budget friendly?

Look at different options. Decide what things are important to you and use your budget on getting great suppliers. For the other elements do DIY projects, it does not only relieve stress, it is also fun and makes your day extra special because you have a personal touch in it!

What song did you choose for your opening dance and why?

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Johann is quite the music man and when he played this for me the first time, I knew this will one day be our song! We also saw them perform on our first holiday together in Australia! It was extremely special to dance to live music!

Did your wedding preparations include any DIY projects?

We had a few DIY projects. My friend Annari Nel from Nelle Cakes helped me with folding beautiful old books, which we used to make mobiles hanging from the big tree as well as decorations here and there. My sister and I made the confetti wands and flag bunting. We wanted something different for confetti and I saw this cool idea on Pinterest. It worked so well, especially because it was a little windy!