Joan of Arc’s Medieval Country Wedding

Reminiscent of the rustic medieval age, this shoot is all bold-toned opulence, abundant feasts, period glassware, goblets, untouched stone and candlelight.

It’s a depiction of a feminine Joan-of-Arc-era bride. The fresh-faced bride with tousled wavy locks (those we all attempt to perfect, but mostly fail to do!) is a little rough around the edges in her knit veil-cum-bolero, armour-inspired bodice and non-traditional colours.

The wedding cake too is unconventional: tiers of blue cheese, filled with dried pears and pistachio praline and accompanied by grapes.

The creative team behind the shoot explains the inspiration behind it all.

We don’t know for sure if Joan of Arc ever did marry, although legend says she didn’t. We wanted to create a shoot that was inspired by her, and incorporate it into wedding inspiration. The inspiration for this shoot started with a music video that was shot next to a fire and we started playing with this idea and built the story from there.

We imagined that she would get married in a rural village, where the entire community would get involved in the wedding, each guest supplying something for the happy couple. Whether it was a platter of artisan bread, home-roasted chicken or fruit from someone’s orchard, it would probably be an affair of tables set out in the streets or the gardens of a beautiful home and buffet-style dining with platters of simple but delicious food.

And finally, paying homage to Joan’s origins, we brought in the cockerel on the stationery, given it’s France’s national bird and often used in royal heraldry.

Love This Shoot?

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