Jamie & Cátia’s Chic Beach Wedding

We’re ending the week with this spectacular wedding sent to us all the way from Portugal by Louis and Kerry from Piteira Photography. The beautiful Cátia and her groom Jamie’s wedding was an intimate late afternoon affair right on the beach in Comporta, Portugal. Just a friendly warning: looking at these images can cause extreme jealousy!
On a serious note, Jamie and Cátia have some of the most beautiful couple shots I have ever seen. So dreamy and romantic. Not to mention the stunning location and decor details. Since my Portuguese is no good, we asked Kerry to tell us more about the wedding.
“We knew as soon as we met this creative couple that their wedding was going to be the highlight of our season, and we were right. Their big day was a true reflection of who they are, individually and as a couple, and we love the way they made everything just fit so perfectly… they re-invented the rules of a wedding day to suit them and their style, taking out traditions that didn’t mean anything to them, and adding in things that they felt were important. And through it all they never lost sight of the bigger picture, there was no stress and drama, no freaking out about things not being “perfect” … the whole day just flowed so beautifully and naturally and we feel seriously lucky to have been a part of it all.”

The decor:

All decorations were chosen, designed and created by Cátia and her team of talented mother, sisters, father and uncles. Gifts for the guests were locally-sourced honey and Muscatel, bought at the Setubal Market. Each gift was decorated by the couple and their families with vintage fabrics and paper string. Family linen was used for the ceremony table and the pots used to contain guest’s table flowers were found abandoned outside a pottery mill that had recently closed. Reclaimed jam jars were used for candles.
All flowers were bought, in bulk, from the local Setubal market and were chosen for their small carbon footprint and because they typified the end of summer. Design and arrangements directed by Cátia’s mother and sisters. Decorations were implemented, on the day, by a frantic team of father, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.