Jack & Carla’s intimate outdoor celebration

The story of Jack & Carla gives me goosebumps every time I read it. It stirs the hope in me for people to find true love when I see the distance and time this couple overcame, before finally setting in their future journey as a married couple. Niki M Photography gives us some perspective of this intimate wedding between the astounding mountain ranges of Camp Figtree, Addo in the Eastern Cape.


Jack and I met at a friend of ours ‘first solo party’ at the Flying Club in Port Elizabeth. Jack was busy doing his commercial pilot licence at the club, and we met for the first time at the party. A couple of weeks later we started hanging out. Jack was planning to go home to Namibia once he had finished studying and I was busy planning to leave for a gap year in Europe, so neither of us were expecting anything too serious. After months of delays (so we could spend more time together), I eventually left for England, with a broken heart, and never expected to see him again. We kept in contact for a while, but communication soon faded to the random text here and there. A week before I was due to come home my friend got in touch and told me that he was still in Port Elizabeth. When I arrived home, he was at the airport waiting for me.Almost a decade later, after years of long distance – he did go back to Namibia and I stayed in Port Elizabeth to study – Jack proposed. It was after years of inseparability on a cold winters day, in front of a roaring fireplace, at a guesthouse in Plettenberg Bay.


Jack and I are pretty down to earth people and we love adventure. The Wedding was about intimacy and being close to everyone in a relaxed and majestic setting. Camp Figtree provided this atmosphere in a simple old-world charm which embraced the vintage and colonial feel we brought together. I believe that both Jack and I loved the intimacy of having all of our closest friends and family together in one room. It complimented the closeness of the nature around us. It was an amazing day and night of celebration. It was bright, sunny and perfect and the food, the speeches and laughs brought so much joy. We loved boogying with all of our 56 guests and it was quite the sight to experience the radical dance moves of our grandma’s! It was truly magnificent.


When I saw my beautiful wife walk down the aisle, my heart started overflowing with happiness and joy. Throughout the ceremony I could not take my eyes off of her and I loved how she spoke her vows to me. The moment in which she said “I do” is honestly one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.  An eternally special moment was when I grabbed my wife’s hand and took her away from the venue into the darkness of the night. I wanted to show her the people celebrating our special day, and was astounded to see the glory of the starry sky. I told her to close her eyes and guided her to the lodge viewing deck. I asked her to look up and she saw the stars. The both of us stood there holding hands and reflected on the beautiful evening.


We sat by the pool in the early morning sunshine and looked out over the valley while going through my vows. It was a beautiful moment! It was heartwarming to see Jack’s face when I walked down the aisle and when he said his vows. Jack pulled me away from the party at the end of the evening and I had to close my eyes while he led me down a cobbled staircase. When Jack told me to open my eyes and look up it was a moment that was captured in my heart forever. I will never forget standing there in my dress, looking up into the most incredible star-filled sky and holding my husband’s hands.


It’s your wedding, so don’t get too caught up in what is expected, and rather focus on what will make you happy. Please (sincerely please) focus on getting things organised early on in the planning process. It’s shocking to think back about how many small things that shouldn’t take too long turned into really big things that took forever. It caused some unnecessary stress in the week before the wedding.