Metropolitan Magnificence for the Modern Bride

Wow, we love a city wedding. Choosing the city as the backdrop gives a modern, edgy and interesting feeling to your wedding day. The effect of soft femininity against a backdrop of urban bustle and concrete makes for a stunning contrast. This creative team got together to create and share this metropolitan magnificence with us.

Photographer Migneon Marais tells us more about the inspiration behind this striking shoot.

The Inspiration: The Modern Urban Bride 

She is looking for a new and striking way to showcase her personality, and that was what we wanted to convey with our inner-city shoot. 

The busy hub of central Pretoria is one of those places where every nook and cranny has potential for capturing something beautiful, regardless of how chaotic it might seem. I knew how I would handle the fast-paced movement of the streets and work with the elements involved, and model Louzelle van Dyk embraced my vision daringly.

The Look

Makeup was kept fresh and clean, with purple and copper pigmented eyeshadow. To make things a little more dramatic, “Rebel” lipstick from Mac Cosmetics was used. Because of the femininity of the Dutch-style braid done in the hair, hair and makeup artist Lisa Brown felt she could spice the makeup up a bit, and this made the model look even much more striking.

The go-to colours for brides are usually the neutrals and the browns when it comes to the eyeshadow palette. The secret, however, is to get to know your skin and know which colours you would be comfortable with on your wedding day – once again to to reflect your unique personality and to bring out your absolute best features. Louzelle’s skin came to life when Lisa added the purple to the copper pigment and a little maroon did the trick.

Think about the colours in your eyes, which hues enhances them, and how to make it all come together. The best tip here is to choose the correct makeup artist – someone who will keep your entire picture in mind and focus on how to make you look your absolute best self.

A simple white gown by White Lilly Bridal with a soft tulle shoulder overlay proved to be stunningly striking next to the city colours and elements. The flow and movement of the gown photographed so well when Louzelle ran across the street (and, daringly, in between traffic!).

All of the above was beautifully finished off by some soft floral elements done by Natja Reney Maas. Between all the chaos of the harsh surroundings, the minimal bouquet and headpiece made the whole look soft and feminine, and we absolutely loved that contrast!

Love This Shoot?

An urban backdrop makes for a unique, modern alternative to the traditional wedding. Concrete is on-trend and pretty fitting for that winter shindig or as a clean canvas for glamour