Hitched at Home Affairs

It’s not often that we see a truly minimalist couple like this one, who opted to say their vows at Home Affairs instead of a traditional wedding venue. And yet, their day was simplistic, beautiful and truly memorable! The bride’s gorgeous outfit suited the occasion perfectly and brought to mind memories of silver screen stars who chose to get married in a similar fashion (think Kristen Bell and Marilyn Monroe). 

Nico and Chloé are proof that even a cold government building with fluorescent lights can be romantic. Sure, they may have decided to do things a bit more unconventional, but when you’re in love, you gotta do what you gotta do! She was beautiful and he was dashing and they were surrounded by the joy and laughter of their closest friends and family. – Helena, Yeahyeah Photography

Our Story 

Nico and I were both born from French parents but mostly grew up on the African continent and Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. He moved to Cape Town twelve years ago and started a market research company focusing on business development in low-income communities. I arrived four years ago for a study programme in social development and have been specialising in migration and assistance to refugee populations since.

We happened to have a family friend in common who came to Cape Town on holiday and introduced us at an art exhibition. Though we had just met, it was almost freakish how similar our backgrounds were – we had been living in the same places and even had a few friends in common. After being on parallel paths, it was pretty incredible to meet on the southern tip of the continent! We immediately moved in together and just a few months later we started talking about marriage and how we wanted to organise it.

Our Style

For obvious reasons, being both foreigners established in Cape Town, you can imagine how special our relationship with Home Affairs has been the past few years!

Through my work, I would often accompany refugee families to the DHA to assist with their documentation and so on. So, for many reasons, we thought that getting married at the DHA was very much in line with our personalities and backgrounds. We were only allowed to fit six people in the ceremony room and it was a very intimate, special moment with our close family members, who had flown from Mauritius, Reunion Island and Melbourne. We wanted to share the simplicity, yet intensity, of this day with our family and we have plans to arrange another wedding celebration in Cape Town summer with all our friends scattered around the world!

We wanted to play on the contrast of the glamour of the occasion and the atmosphere of the DHA office, with a photographer to capture it all. After the ceremony, our witnesses surprised us with some champagne for a toast on the steps of the building. So much love and smiles from strangers congratulating us and posing with us!