Herb Favours – Free Printable

I’m not exactly sure when my love for herbs started, but I’m pretty sure my mom played a big part. She has this amazing huge garden filled with basically every herb you can think of. I love walking around in it, touching and smelling different plants, and listening to her explaining what I can do with them.I enjoy using fresh herbs in my food and sometimes I might go overboard. The first herb I ever bought was rosemary, and I used it in EVERYTHING. It was only much later that I learned how to use it correctly. But then again, it’s just sooo much fun experimenting. At the moment I’m crazy for thyme, it’s got this incredible aroma that works magic with pastas and roasts.Last year one of the brides I designed stationery for gave all her guests different herbs as wedding favours. It was used as table decoration and at the end of the night they distributed the pots. This is such a clever GREEN idea!
I thought it wise to design some herb tags with a short description on the back of how to care for it and with what types of food it works the best. Giving someone a herb as a gift can work in so many different situations; a housewarming gift, for bridal showers, as birthday presents and of course as a wedding favour. Here in South Africa you can buy herbs at any nursery and they’re real cheap.As I was designing these tags I thought it would be awesome if I could design a few seed sachets. I planted some basil seeds a while back and I promise you, in less than a week they already showed above ground. So easy! Note: Rosemary is incredibly hard to germinate, so that’s why I didn’t design a sachet for it.

Instructions for Herb tags

Print your herb tags on nice thick paper (I’ve layed them out for easy double-sided printing), cut them out around the edges and attach them to your herb plant anyway you like.

Instructions for Herb Seed Sachets

Print your herb sachet on medium/light weight paper and cut them out around the edges. Score and fold the sachet on the dotted lines and stick the outer wings together with double-sided tape.