Henno & Louise’s Karoo Wedding

The Karoo can be a hot, dry and desolate place but it has its own charm and beauty. The Viviers family farm in Beaufort-West was the perfect place for Louise and Henno to celebrate their wedding. Organising a wedding in the Karoo had its challenges, but Louise and Henno got their whole family involved to make their wedding day dreams come true.
but Louise and Henno got their whole family involved to make their wedding day dreams come true. Two hundred guests proved to be loyal friends when they made the journey to this destination wedding with a difference.Even though the bride looks breathtakingly beautiful, I also love the shots of the groom getting dressed. That bookshelf is such a cool backdrop. Well done Nikki Meyer with all the beautiful images.

Tell us your love story. When and where did you first meet?

It all started with the new freedom that has dawned upon us, first year at the University of Stellenbosch! (… didn’t it all start there!?) :) Not interested in locking up my heart with this one boy for forever, it was the season of love, spring was in the air and with this it was kleinser season (this is where a group of girls in each residence compete for the famous title of the a cappella singing trophy … and a few boys’ hearts of course). I was a Minerva resident and Henno was around the corner in Majuba. One of our winning songs was that of a jazzed-up version of Summer Time. As it consisted of the following routine; you flirtatiously lock eyes, you smile shyly, challenging each one with a stare down while rocking slowly to the rhythm of the music and by the end of the song this boy you locked eyes with should remember you for the rest of his university career. Little did I know that I would remember him, with black curly hair and green eyes for the rest of MY university career … Let alone life! He locked my heart down right then and there!

Please describe the proposal.

I pretty much knew this one was coming some or other time. We have been dating for four years and the farm has been such a big part of our relationship that there was no other place we would have wanted to get married. Knowing this was going to take some planning I knew he had asked my parents way in advance. So as the clock ticked, we planned the ring together and coming December 2009 I knew the ring had been finished for a while! And another love we share is December holidays in Stilbaai. So when he said let’s go take a walk along the beach (and NOT take his fishing gear with him – him and his gear are inseparable when we are at the beach) I pretty much knew … Or I prefer to think I had it figured out! So we took the walk along the beach … And he went down on one knee … and OF COURSE, I would LOVE to spend the rest of my life with you silly!

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Everything I say will sound like this cliché, but I did not see myself as the typical bride loving discussions over flowers and THE dress and the colour theme etc. Also not being a real emotional person at all, I didn’t think I would need that Kleenex hidden in the bouquet, but when my father walked me down the aisle, and I saw Henno (he is the softy between the two of us) for the first time, his facial expression of true love and joy, I could NOT stop the tears. Needless to say, neither could he. :)

Were any of your family members or friends involved in the wedding and what were their contributions?

Was there anybody that wasn’t involved? Henno’s dad (my new father-in-law) is a reverend, and led the ceremony. This all contributed to making the church ceremony so much more special. From my aunts and cousins who made all the scatter cushions for the ottomans (which my dad also made for the venue) to the cake and caterers (which were family friends). And last but not least, my mother, who was the most incredible wedding coordinator!