Hayden & Natalie’s Wedding-Blues Shoot

Today we share the story of Natalie and Hayden who faced more than their fair share of wedding mishaps during their destination wedding trip to Thailand. The couple, residing in Australia planned every detail so meticulously. A beautiful beach wedding at the private Emerald Cave, followed by a gorgeous outdoor reception, set against the exotic backdrop and scenic surroundings of Thailand’s picturesque beaches. No one could however foresee that the agency responsible for arranging their event permit for the ceremony, had mistakenly arranged for a visitor’s permit instead. This meant that the unassuming bride, Natalie arrived at the ceremony only to be welcomed by unfamiliar faces in uniforms restricting their fine art photographer, Wasin Nindka from Nindka Photography to take any pictures.
No ceremony pictures were allowed and this was just the beginning as the rest of the day’s happenings seemed to follow in the same pursuit. It was only until later that evening at the resort that a silver lining could be spotted. The photography duo Carmen & Ingo unassumingly enjoyed their “last-day-of-our-vacation-dinner”, when spotting the beautiful bridal couple. They started chatting to Natalie & Hayden and were touched by their unfortunate luck and tragic story. Even more so, because the couple’s official wedding photographer couldn’t assist them with a photo shoot the next day, due to a jam-packed schedule. Without thinking twice, Carmen & Ingo took this story to heart and agreed to restore their tragic fortune and capture some beautiful moments of Natalie and Hayden on the ‘day-after-their-wedding’.