Happily Ever After Jar

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this idea and free printable with you ever since we came up with the clever thought. In this year two lovely ladies in my life will be getting married, and I have the special honour of being a bridesmaid at both of these significant occasions. This has had me brainstorming cute and unique ideas to spoil these brides-to-be. Maybe you are in a similar position or perhaps you are the mother of the bride?
The Elephantshoe Happily Ever After Jar is a large Consol Jar filled with 15 days of marriage advice cards, 1 for each of the 15 days leading up to the big day. The messages are designed to be small reminders to the bride of the real reason behind her wedding day, to help her take her mind off of all the planning and have a moment in the day where she can focus on her future marriage and life after the dress. Place extra special spoils in the jar along with the messages like coffee vouchers, spa pampers, earrings and nail polish to personalise your gift. This jar of happiness will show how much you care, and it is simple and easy to put together. I hope that it inspires you to create and to be creative.
Thanks to Andre from Blackframe Photography for all the gorgeous photos.

Simply download and print out the DIY, neatly cut out the fifteen cards, write down your special messages, and pop all of them in a Consol jar. Use some string to attach the tag, and some glue to secure the “Your Happily Ever After Jar” label on the top of the jar lid.