Groom Style – Part 1

I have to say I get a little annoyed with bridezillas. I see them all the time – the poor groom has no say in the wedding arrangements. Everything is about the bride: she gets all the treatments, the expensive dress, the hair, the make-up and attention. I mean, it’s his day too, and I think the groom should at least look the part!I remember my husband didn’t want to hire a suit. He wanted to get his own suit, and I am so happy he did because he looked so handsome and he was comfortable. So treat your man to the perfect outfit for the big day. It’s so worth it.
If you need help with that, then you should visit Moi Styling. No wait, they’ll visit you! Yup that’s right, the stylist will come to your house and help you get the perfect outfit. You can read more about them in this post we did earlier in the year.Here’s just some of their latest outfits that they have put together. Tomorrow we will have a few more, so look out for part two.For more info join The Moi team on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or visit their Blog. All the pictures were taken by LUV Photography. The Boutonnieres are hand made by the Moi team.