Steyn & Marli – My big brother’s wedding

Today’s wedding is really close to home, quite literally! It’s my older brother’s wedding, so please excuse me for going all out with pictures. My brother Steyn and his lovely wife Marli got married on a perfect winter’s day, in Franschhoek. Marli was just the most beautiful bride, with the most beautiful dress, and Steyn was one of the most energetic and eager grooms I’ve ever seen.The two took the trip down the aisle on the weekend of the Bastille Festival. So Franschhoek was really busy, and there were loads of people. They were all in a very festive mood, which was great! There were a bunch of curious  people watching Marli as she got out of the car, it felt a little like a celebrity wedding.Marli is a pre-school teacher, and some of the kids in her class were there for the ceremony. They were super excited to be at their teacher’s wedding, it was so special. Oh, and the kids had so much fun throwing the streamers. Okay, enough rambling from me, I’ll let you enjoy the pictures.

Their Story

Steyn was involved in the planning of the Impossible Journey. While searching for someone on Facebook regarding the planning of the event, he stumbled across a picture of me. Seeing that we only have one mutual friend, Steyn contacted her and asked if she could put in a good word for him. At first I wasn’t to keen on meeting a total stranger, but Jana convinced me to have coffee with him!Steyn: I really wanted to meet Marli, but it took time and sweet talk! Eventually she gave in and we met at Melissa’s for coffee one Sunday afternoon in April. We chatted for more than four hours and I immediately fell in love with her. I knew we were going to get married and that I need to approach this the right way. A month later I bought a bunch of her favourite flowers and headed to her house. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she,very shyly, said yes.

The Proposal

Steyn planned a whole day especially for me. We went for wine tasting in Franschhoek, ate ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful day. He took me to Babylonstoren for a wonderful lunch and after a stroll in the garden he asked me to marry him.  He engraved a small silver ring with: “my hart se punt vir altyd…”. This proposal ring is very special to me.

Were any of your family members involved with the wedding?

Too many to mention. But my mother worked really hard, she did all the décor, both inside and outside, as well as flowers. My mother-in-law did the flowers in the foyer of the venue, as well as the bouquets.
We met at Melissa’s for coffee one Sunday afternoon in April and chatted for more than four hours. I fell in love with her immediately.