Fortune Teller – Craft

Fortune Teller DIY 1

Today’s post is a little something from my childhood. At school we often used to write letters and doodle in our notebooks to pass the time during boring classes. Every now again we’d be more elaborate in our “crafts” and would make decorated fortune tellers. This simple origami game has delighted kids for years and in America, where I grew up, we went so far as to call them “cootie catchers”.

Furtune Teller Detail

With kids back to school this week and Valentine’s Day looming, I thought it was a great time to remind people of this sweet and simple project, suitable for all ages.

This week I’ve created fortune tellers in pink, red and black. All you need to do is print onto paper, fold as per the instructions provided on the download and write in your “fortunes”. I’ve chosen to turn my fortune teller into an affordable gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Within each internal panel I’ve written a different “love token”. So depending on what number he chooses he might just end up getting a freshly brewed cup of coffee every morning! Whoever said you had to go out and buy chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day? All you need is a little paper and creativity!

And if you’re planning to host  a little Valentine’s soiree, these make great ice-breakers when placed at each table-setting.

Happy Crafting!
Bianca, Lucky No. 9