Flower Girl Power

As many will agree, there is nothing quite as cute as a flower girl making her way down the aisle to soften the hearts of every guest just before the bride makes her big entrance. Of course this could present a few headaches when trying to find not only the perfect flower girl outfit, but also the most appropriate floral detail to complement the little one’s adorable attire. The very creative Heike from Fleur Le Cordeur addressed this specific ‘problem’ in the most creative and inspiring way as she collaborated with Yolande Marx to capture the magic of her fabulous floral designs.

What was the inspiration behind your shoot?

We were inspired by numerous meetings and conversations about “what flowers to give the flower girls” for different weddings. Most weddings these days don’t include flowers girls anymore and it has become more of an adult affair, but we at Fleur le Cordeur love the little ones and we believe that there is a reason they are called “flower” girls, so we wanted to bring back the “flower” in flower girls. The aim of this shoot was to show a variety of floral options for the little ones, these include flower wreaths, small bouquets, or little pomanders. We even included the family bunny to show you can even adorn the family pet to introduce another dimension to the bridal entourage walking down the aisle.
The colours of this shoot was inspired by the Pantone colour of the year, which is a shade of purple called, Radiant Orchid. We combined it with coral, one of our favourite colours.
Small and miniature orchids are great flowers to work with for flowers girls and even accessories as they don’t wilt and don’t get damaged easily.

To keep in mind when planning floral details for Flower Girls:

  • There is no age restraint when it comes to flower girls, so make sure you choose flowers accessories that are age appropriate. For example giving a 2 year old a bouquet to hold is not going to work. We propose using pomanders (flower balls) or corsages for little ones, and small bouquets and wreath for pre-teens and teenagers.

  • Keep in mind that most flower girls will be carrying a basket with confetti after the ceremony, so choosing a floral detail, like a wreath or corsage might be best, so that the girls can have their hands free. The small ones especially like pomanders, because it looks like little handbags, and they can easily hook it around their arms when scattering petals down the aisle.

  • Make sure the flowers you use does not damage or wilt easily and has a long life span. We used miniature orchids, but you can also use fynbos (like Blushing Brides) lavender, berries or even robust herbs. Keep the flowers in water till the last minute before the girls have to walk down the aisle, ensuring that the flowers will look fresh and last longer.